Change Management


A vocal advocate, I fight on behalf of those for whom our systems oppress. I believe we all have an obligation to fight injustice with every breath.


I help people and organizations not only think outside the box, but broadcast their innovative ideas from on top of the box – then take the box apart to make a whole new kind of box.


Managing complex organization change is a passion of mine. I help organizations think about, plan, deploy, and evaluate change processes.


I start businesses. A serial entrepreneur since starting my first business at age 10, I cannot help but see opportunity everywhere.


I am a social enterprise scholar, having researched and practiced the blending of financial and social value creating enterprises for the past three+ years.


I help leaders and organizations navigate complex systems change. From nonprofit mergers to starting new programs, I can help.

About Cyrus

Dr. Patten is a veteran nonprofit administrator, clinical social worker, scholar, entrepreneur, speaker, and educator. He specializes in nonprofit change management, social entrepreneurship, complex systems theory and managing complex change in high-stakes social justice contexts.

He received his Bachelors degree in social work from Colorado State University, and a Masters degree in Social Work from the same institution. He earned a doctorate in leadership and policy from the University of Vermont in 2016, where he studied nonprofit social enterprise.

He is a Lecturer in the UVM Department of Social Work and consultant to a national network of nonprofit organizations, corporations and government agencies that seek to understand the role of social enterprise in their future.

He has over fifteen years experience in human services and mental health practice. This includes experience as a child welfare social worker, community mental health practitioner, and program director for homeless programs and children’s inpatient treatment programs. He has held senior leadership positions at some of Vermont’s most notable nonprofit organizations.

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I’d love to help your organization function at its peak, manage a complex change process, or embrace social enterprise.

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