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Radically Moderate and Politically Independent

I am the Executive Director of MAYDAY.US, a crowd powered movement to take back our republic from the corrupting influence of big money.

I am a doctoral candidate in Leadership & Policy Studies at the University of Vermont. My research is focused on nontraditional funding models for nonprofit organizations. (Think Girl Scout Cookies)

I am politically independent and radically moderate.

Most of my writing can be found here and here.

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The Sanders Effect

Listen to my latest VPR commentary by clicking here. Or read it here: There’s a lot of chatter these days about whether Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Presidency will pull other candidates to the left. Already it’s had an effect on Hillary Clinton,...

A Broken Rubber Band

I grew up tying broken rubber bands together to extend their life. I didn’t get the latest toy. And I got comfortable in hand-me-down clothes. Although we didn’t have much money growing up, I attribute this to my family’s frugality. Vermonters used to be proud of our...

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